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How COVID-19 has changed vacations

We all hoped the summer would bring a return to travel normalcy, but no. Sadly it has been a challenge to pull off any kind of leisure trip lately, and it's not looking any easier in the months ahead. This feeling of resentment toward the virus created a psychological barrier between you and your vacation plans, making them feel hopelessly far off.

But these final 8 weeks of summer can provide one of two things:

  1. A much-needed but very unorthodox vacation, OR

  2. A valuable opportunity to think about next year's vacation.

If you're committed to traveling before the summer is out then set your expectations properly. The planning process will be more stressful than ever and many attractions will be inaccessible or inconvenient (i.e. the National Park Service requiring reservations at many national parks). However, the sweet reward is the chance to finally escape.

But if you're ready to shift focus to 2021, your long wait will be rewarded with more time to plan, more flexibility of where and when to go, and more lodging inventory. That translates to better choices and better prices.

Two solutions that have worked very well for travelers this summer have been vacation homes and RV travel.

  • Vacation Homes: occasionally maligned for being too expensive, vacation homes have surged in popularity because you can cook in your own kitchen and avoid common areas like elevators, hotel lobbies, etc.

  • RV Travel: similarly, a motorhome or travel trailer allows you to pick up and go wherever you like. No public bathrooms, no unpacking and repacking, just your own self-contained home-on-wheels.

We actually recommend focusing on these less intrusive travel styles for next summer too, when they will be even better. Why?

  • Rental agencies are listing their accommodations with improved cancellation flexibility.

  • Many travelers have credits that need to be used toward airfare or vacation homes.

  • And most importantly, with 10+ months until the next peak season there will be an overabundance of inventory.

But waiting too long to plan for summer 2021 will result in disappointment. I say this because I've been there before; if you wait until winter or, worse, spring to plan that'll be disappointed. Few vacation homes will be left, no campground reservations will be available, and the only RVs on the market will be overpriced or under-equipped.

TripPossible has far-reaching expertise with these vacation types. So consider taking that step toward your next trip and let us help you! Remember, the right planning goes a long way.


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