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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this worth the money?

Our customers always agree: our guidebooks are well worth the investment. A large percentage of our business consists of repeat customers and referrals. Customers strongly prefer purchasing our guidebooks versus do-it-yourself planning.

What is a guidebook?

Our guidebooks are copyrighted digital publications (fancy way of saying a PDF that we have rights to). They're sold to you and become downloadable after purchase. Plus, they're easy to print!

How big is a normal guidebook?

For smaller national parks like Bryce Canyon, the guidebooks can be around 10 pages long and range between 5-10MB. Larger parks like Yosemite can be almost 20 pages long and can be between 10-20MB.

How do you get paid?

We make money from the sales of our guidebooks and - in the Custom tier only - the fees we charge to plan your trip. We never accept kickbacks nor do we earn booking commissions.

Why not plan the trip myself?

Here’s an analogy: It’s like doing your taxes. Could you do it yourself? Yes! But it would take many hours and there’s a risk you could miss something critical. It’s a safer, better experience to pay a professional. TripPossible removes the risk and replaces it with confidence.

Why not buy a book from a store?

The advantage to these digital guidebooks is how frequently they are updated with new information; usually 2-3 times per year. But the biggest advantage is having direct access to TripPossible's travel pros. We're only a phone call away.

Still have questions? Let's talk!

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