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Reasons why you should plan next year's vacation now

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

The reality of kids heading back to school indicates the inevitable truth: summer is coming to an end. Hopefully many of you were able to enjoy a much-needed vacation this summer and feel rejuvenated. It's a special feeling of perspective that only travel can provide.

As a travel planner I don't dread the end of vacation season; I get excited for one big reason:

It's the perfect opportunity to begin planning next summer's vacation.

Think about it. Most people are focused on getting kids ready for school, tackling second half goals at work, or finishing up DIY projects at home. Plus, with plenty of big holidays between now and New Year's, 2022 vacations are the last thing on many minds.

This is why now is the best time to beat the rest of the herd to the watering hole. The advantages you gain by planning ahead are far-reaching. Specifically, two types of trips jump out to me:

National Parks

With the surge in visitation this summer it's clear these incredible landscapes are no longer a secret. Places like Yellowstone and Grand Canyon gush with visitors. But planning ahead gives you a few key advantages:

  1. First choice at the most conveniently-located lodging, helping you avoid traffic jams and lines entering the park.

  2. Better prices for flights, rental cars, and lodging.

  3. The guarantee that accommodations, tours, and tickets won't sell out.

Vacation Homes

Listing sites like Vrbo and Airbnb have hundreds of thousands of listings, but only a fraction of those will check all the boxes your group needs. Starting your search early brings the following benefits:

  1. More places will meet all of your criteria. No more settling for a vacation home with no hot tub, no scenic view, or fewer bedrooms than you need.

  2. Lower prices. With more lodging options, you have a broader choice of what to spend on your vacation home.

  3. Higher quality homes. The best places are identified early and always get snatched up quickly.

And finally, when you work with TripPossible you gain one more very important advantage: NO STRESS! We take care of all the details and provide time-saving tips so you can carry on with your back to school shopping and home projects. Let us help you get ahead so you can enjoy the vacation you truly want.

Remember, the right planning goes a long way!


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