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Yellowstone National Park

America's oldest National Park

The sixth-most visited national park in the country, Yellowstone National Park is best known for its active thermal features; geysers like Old Faithful and Steamboat, boiling mudpots, fumaroles, and hot springs. But beyond the thermals is one of the most pristine environments still remaining in the lower 48 states. Yellowstone encompasses 3,468 square miles of land and hosts a collection of the largest land animals in North America. Bison, moose, grizzly, elk, and wolves all roam the landscape.

Image by Laura Nyhuis
Image by Katelynn Ruffner
Image by Steven Cordes

Yellowstone National Park Attractions

There is something for everyone during a visit to Yellowstone. Terrific hikes abound, ranger programs are plentiful, and some of the best wildlife viewing in the country happens here. But it’s a huge place, and cramming too much into one day is a common pitfall. Planning ahead always provides a better experience, which is why we’re here to help.

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Grand Prismatic Springs

The dramatic rainbow colors of this massive hot spring are formed by heat-loving microbes. But plan ahead and set your expectations correctly when visiting here. Many people are disappointed to learn it’s not like it looks in the photos.

Lower Falls

These thundering falls of the Yellowstone River are naturally framed by the landscape to be easily viewed from multiple lookout points along the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Image by Laura Seaman
Image by Emily Campbell

Old Faithful

The most famous feature of Yellowstone and most famous geyser in the world, Old Faithful erupts with astonishing regularity, making it an easy attraction to visit. But we have other helpful tips for visiting this area without hitting crowds.

Mammoth Hot Springs

This gorgeous array of travertine terraces made of calcium carbonate almost looks man-made. Be sure you understand the do’s and dont’s of a visit to this section of the park.

Image by Jéan Béller

Ready to start planning?

Yellowstone National Park Lodging

With a large and popular park like Yellowstone, where you stay can make or break your trip. Staying inside the gates provides a significant head start to the day’s activities, but accommodations are more expensive and reservations sell out far in advance. That’s why we’re here to help you.

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