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Top 8 Cities for Foodies

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, food has been on the brain a lot lately. And since we’re always dreaming of vacations at TripPossible we thought it fitting to assemble an A-list of the best destinations in the USA for food-lovers.

From a hole-in-the-wall beach shack to an Instagram-worthy culinary experience, adventurous cuisines are just as much a part of vacations as sleeping in late. So here it is, the eight best cities in America for foodies who don’t want to completely break the bank for some good eats.

Asheville, North Carolina

The craft beer scene may unfairly overshadow the food scene in Asheville. This trendy, artsy town in the hills gets its food inspiration from all over. Cúrate has modern Spanish tapas in a trendy space, and right around the corner is Farm Burger with shakes and upscale burgers. The nice thing about Asheville is its size. A compact downtown area means you can walk from happy hour to dinner, from dinner to dessert, and then do it all over again the next day. We have other great recommendations about Asheville too. Check out our Asheville Trip Review.

Charleston, South Carolina

With the Atlantic Ocean right out your front door there are obviously excellent seafood options in Charleston. Magnolia’s and 167 Raw each offer an authentic "lowcountry" experience focused on terrific seafood, but while Magnolia’s is classic and traditional, 167 Raw is modern and contemporary. Beyond seafood you’ll find tons of cute places each serving their unique take on lowcountry food that effortlessly brings a smile to your face.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Don’t worry, there’s way more to Philly than the cheesesteak. As with any massive city (it’s the largest one on this list) the diverse cultural makeup provides endless options from around the globe, especially the dozens of Italian restaurants in South Philly each believing their food is the most authentic. Suraya offers terrific Lebanese fare in the Fishtown neighborhood along with Vietnamese from Stock.

Denver, Colorado

Two words: food halls. The Denver Central Market and Zeppelin Station are only two of Denver’s many food halls, which is a collection of places to eat, drink, and shop all under one roof. Stay near the River North Art District (“RiNo”) for access to food halls, breweries, bars and restaurants. And because of Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana, just be careful about what “edibles” you put in your mouth.

Portland, Oregon

When your city’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird” then it’s only fitting for your food to follow suit. And weird it is, with staples like the famous Vietnamese fish sauce wings at Pok Pok, and bone marrow ice cream at Salt & Straw. Brunch spot Imperial has a Dungeness crab omelet among other Pacific Northwest fare. Portland takes pride in locally-sourced ingredients and a no-judgement attitude about their creative dishes.

Austin, Texas

With a low cost of doing business, Austin is an attractive place for creative and eager chefs to pursue their culinary passions. Franklin Barbecue is famous for tender smoked brisket, and countless food trucks offer different takes on Tex Mex. The South Lamar area is a good place to be if you want relaxed variety.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Those who live here already know it, but Cincy is bursting at the seams with high quality food options. The Over-the-Rhine (OTR) district just north of downtown is where you’ll find numerous eateries and drinkeries per block, ranging from gourmet hot dogs at Senate, to top-notch tapas at Abigail Street, to alcoholic ice cream at Buzzed Bull Creamery

Miami, Florida

Even though it’s one of the more expensive places on this list, Miami benefits from its rich ethnic population with authentic Latin-Caribbean food, seafood, and food trucks. Joe’s Stone Crabs has top-rated seafood, and countless restaurants excel with mofongo (a fried plantain dish) and ceviche (raw fish in citrus juice). This island-style grub is best experienced in the areas of Little Havana or Little Haiti.

All this talk of food have you craving more? (Us too!) Food is only just part of a vacation, and this has only been an 'appetizer' of what your trip can entail. The right planning goes a long way. Let us help save you time and stress nailing down the details by helping you find the best places to eat, drink, stay, and play wherever you are in your travel.

Send us an email at or message us on Instagram or Facebook and let's start planning a trip!


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