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Bryce Amphitheater

Bryce Canyon National Park

Remarkable rock formations and far-reaching views

Resting upon the northernmost reaches of the Colorado Plateau, Bryce Canyon is a landscape that's changing quickly due to erosion. Luckily this is a completely natural process and creates an artistic scene for visitors, especially during sunrise and sunset. Two million people visit this small park annually, which is home to the largest concentration of hoodoos (irregular columns of rock) in the entire world.

Navajo Loop Trail
Thor's Hammer
Navajo Loop Trail

Bryce Canyon National Park Attractions

All of Bryce Canyon's attractions, including the remarkable Amphitheater, are accessed via the 18-mile long Bryce Scenic Drive. Lookout points are numerous, as are chances to spot wildlife in the forested environment.

Bryce Amphitheater

Bryce Amphitheater

The eroded slopes of the Bryce Amphitheater reveal the park's most famous features: hoodoos. These tall, craggy spires of rock form when liquid water seeps into cracks and then freezes, busting off piles of rock in the process. The Rim Trail gives visitors multiple view points of this incredible bowl-shaped area.


Not only is Bryce certified as an International Dark Sky Park, but there are activities and programs literally focused on viewing the night sky. Light pollution is common in the US but Bryce is blessed to be sheltered from most of it. This provides an awe-inspiring star show for visitors who can't see more than a few dozen stars at home.

Stargazing in Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon hikes

Hiking Trails

We feel strongly that the Bryce Amphitheater can't be properly appreciated unless you're down amongst the hoodoos. And Bryce happens to have beautifully designed trails like the Queen's Garden and Fairyland Loop, reminding you of an otherworldly landscape like the surface of Mars.

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Bryce Canyon National Park Lodging

Compared to other parks with millions of annual visitors, Bryce is rather small in size. So take our advice and think about your lodging well in advance - space is limited. It will save you the headache of needlessly driving and competing for parking.

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